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...and for the best Chihuahua puppies in Texas.
We raise the fastest lickers 
in the West!
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We do not in-breed or cross-breed our dogs.
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FOR THOSE WHO ASK ..... Why do Chihuahua Puppies cost soooo much? (They haven't been considering these facts!)

But let's break it down just a little bit for those curious minds...  (We will use an average cost of a puppy at $850 for this example.)

Compare the average time our puppies are with us before heading to their new home:  
  Boarding your pet for 90 days at $34.50/day = $3,105.00  
  Our puppy raising for 90 days at $  16.11/day = $1,450.00

Compare: Cost of a 1 hr training class (min $125/course) to 
 Our Daily hands-on personalized training 24/7 ...includes socialization
 skills, potty training skills, what "no" really means, and basic behavior 
 skills... NO CHARGE, included in original cost.

Puppy Shots and Vet Check Ups - included in original cost.

Our time devoted to the loving play, cleaning /feeding and over-seeing for 
90 days, along with weekly updates with pictures (plus a video or two if time 
allows) and personal one-on-one contacts, educating new parents - before and
after a puppy goes home.... NO CHARGE, included in original cost.

YES, we love what we do and the joy it brings knowing they have the best possible start in life that anyone could ever expect.

DO WE BELIEVE in the adoption of shelter dogs...YOU BETCHA WE DO and have done our share in adopting shelter dogs through years past. We also support our local shelters and help them as best we can. Most dogs end up in shelters because of bad training habits and poorly educated owners which is why we are not your average breeder. Take the time to check us out the next time you want to "compare" differences. You maybe pleasantly surprised!

Our Chihuahua Puppies are raised in our home
 with lots of hands-on positive attention 
from birth until they leave to go
to their new home ....not in kennels.
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Note to my clients: The email address ethicalchihuahuabreeder@aol.com  is the work of a scammer trying to rip off from my web site's tag title for deceptive purposes. DO NOT BE FOOLED this is not me!

Please continue to use the email listed on my Contact Us page for all legitimate email contacts or call direct.
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This page was last updated: April 18, 2019
No Puppies Available At This Time!
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All are AKC Chihuahua Long coats - 

    Females $1450   Males  $1250