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King Arthur takes a Siesta!
Scroll down the page to meet our family ... 

(These are Not for sale)
Doggy Hydrant
Doggy Hydrant
Little Lamb
Chihuahua Page
Farewell to our Beloved
AKC  "Bam-Bam's Wonder Boy"
Weighed 3.97 pounds - 
May he
R.I.P. 11-19-2018
Frisky "Frisco" lives up to his name and is just the life of the party...
       He keeps everybody laughing with his whimsical personality...And always wants to be  the center of attention! 
"Frisco"  - tiny guy with a huge heart!
AKC "Frisco's Chocolate Delight"
Chihuahua Size:  3.58 pounds
Chihuahua long coat, Frisco in belly wrap
AKC "Greyson"   

 weighs a whopping 3.7 #'s  now 7 yrs old

- he sure has managed to stir up some

 excitement in the house...
Chihuahuas Wee Love presents "Our Boys" with images and personalities on each.
Meet "Our Boys" 
Adult Chihuahua boy, Greyson
~~~ Below is Our RETIRED Non-breeders 
                but very lovingly devoted boys & girls~~~

This page was last updated: December 21, 2019
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"Hemi" needed his sunglasses too!
 Frisco, TX 
Chihuahuas Wee Love is mighty proud of our girls, their personalities and cute little expressions.
Meet "Our Girls" 
As a TX Chihuahua Breeder, we dedicate this page to ALL of our Chihuahua girls and boys and the joy 
 they bring into our lives each and everyday! 

(The Dogs on this page are Not for sale)

We've tried to capture each with their special Chihuahua personality...
Sable long coat chihuahua cuddled on rug.
AKC "Hannah Bella" 
Chihuahua Size: 6.5 pounds
Chihuahua Male

Hannah is definitely  Daddy's Girl - Spoiled Rotten and glad to be...

Her Chihuahua coloring is Sable Brown with White markings, and "If you're real special in her eyes, 
she will give you a great Big Smile when you come for a visit!"

Red and White Chihuahua dog
Little  "Yadda"... loves her toys just like her retired grandmother "Diva" below!

Chihuahua smooth coat girl
Adult Chihuahua female
"Diva" (Lft)is our little entertainer, carrying toys from morning to night in her mouth!

"Pebbles" (Rt) was our only smooth coat and just a precious little retired beauty.

Since these -wee- little dogs are our pets and a real active part of our family, we do not  sell them off as  we "Retired our Breeders".

Like any family member, their time will come when 
they must go, but it will not be by our choosing. Until then, they have the safety and assurance in knowing that they are our Forever loving kids.

Owning a pet is a full time responsibility. If you plan on getting a puppy, know that YOU have an obligation to care for it's life... well-being... training... and happiness... for as long as you both shall live.

Again on the right, meet "Sophie" the matriarch of our little Chihuahua tribe. She keeps us all in line!

​          (Learn to be a responsible pet 

owner. And if you already are... 

then you have grown to 

know that they are not

"disposable"  pets.)

Bow Accents
Accent Bows for Our Chihuahua  Girls
Pink Rose Accent
Pink Rose Accent
Chihuahua girl
Black and White Tri color Chihuahua long coat
On the left is....                       "Yadda Contessa Bell Hana"

A name that is bigger than she! The Grand daughter of little "Diva" and daughter of "Hannah" & "Super Trooper"! She just melts in your arms when you pick her up.

Our little talker in the group... Meet 

"Trudy-Kindle" on the right! So good natured and loves to meet everyone.

If you come to visit and don't pay attention to Trudy she will make certain you notice her.  She is dignifying yet spunky with a super personality that is sure to amuse...

 Upcoming Precious Girl...
   It's "Mandy Dew Dandy"

Mandy is all about curiosity, play and Food! Watch for more from this one.
Its My Job!
Paws on the keyboard
Don't leave home without  my goggles.
There is no match for this busy spirited little girl!

Meet "Mila", my little shadow!

Mila loves The Keyboard, My Shoes, and Car Rides ...with her goggles.
Such a delightfully funny little girl!
Handsome little "Chula" is now a daddy. He is such a sweet boy with a mild and loving personality!
Now Meet "Cash" in his Camo Khakis
These are not for sale
Cash matures into a beautiful little boy at 1yr! >
The Chic Girl