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This page was last updated: January 28, 2016
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Hi Linda,

Just wanted to update you on Archie. 

We couldn't be happier. Archie is the funniest and most loving boy ever. He does so good going to his puppy pad and only once had an accident when he realized he waited too long and was too far away from the pad. He was actually upset over it but we just cleaned it up and went on. He eats good, plays with Mollie hard and sleeps hard! It us so funny at night because when we ask Mollie if she wants to go to bed Archie looks up and wants off his pillow on the couch and just heads to his bed. It is so funny. At some point he will sleep with us but for now with his small size and house breaking he stays in his kennel and crate. Archie really missed his sister and mother and cried most of the first 2 nights but after that he has never cried again. He is so smart and picks up things quickly especially if there is a treat in sight! He sits on command and downs on command about 75% of the time. Archie stays in a beg position when he wants to look Mollie in the face so that will be an easy trick to teach later on. 

Your passion for these babies is amazing. I have looked long and hard for a reputable breeder and thought they might be a thing of the past until I found your website. In the past I have been taken by breeders saying how great their dogs are and all the work and training they put into their dogs only to be gravely disappointed. Then there is you! Everything I read about you and your dogs and puppies is the absolute truth! Your ethics in breeding and raising the puppies is exactly as you stated! When we visited your home we found it to be a clean and soothing place. All your dogs are very social and friendly. You took a lot of time talking to us and letting us see the parents and puppies. Visiting your lovely home, meeting you, and seeing the parents and everyone else was the icing on the cake to purchasing a puppy from you! Archie is happy healthy social and very loving. He is eager to learn and tries hard to understand what I am wanting him to do! Archie came to us knowing his name using a puppy pad and very social. That blew me away as it took away a lot of stress in getting a new puppy and facing training. He uses his pad all the time save that one time. I couldn't be more thrilled! We use the puppy pads we bought from you and find them to be just as you said. They seem to last longer than the ones I have been buying and do wick away the urine.

I wish I could tell everyone who is looking for an awesome Chihuahua puppy then they should look no further than you. Archie has quickly fit in so well that we feel as if he has always been with us! This has been the best experience we have ever had with a 10 week old puppy! Archie is confident and very smart as well.

Thanks again for being the breeder we all dream about finding. You are one in a million and I have been blessed by knowing you!

Feel free to use any or all of this email as this is freely and sincerely given to you. You did not solicit this but I just wanted to thank you for all you have done.

Cynthia S.
​Jan 2016
Archie at 7 weeks